Humanitec is pleased to announce full support (API & UI) of Automated Deployments to ensure smooth Continuous Delivery in teams. 

Some of the benefits of Automated Deployments

  • No more key person dependency: In many organizations working within a DevOps framework, specific DevOps engineers or specialists hold all the knowledge and know-how. They might even be the only ones that know how to run a deployment. Automated Deployments allow them to focus on the really important aspects of DevOps while avoiding repetitive tasks. 
  • Save time and prioritize: Developers don’t have to wait for code to be deployed after they commit it. Instead, developers can spend their time working at what they do best - improving their product, adding new features, and responding to end-user feedback.
  • Fewer errors: Manual deployments are prone to human error. It's easy to make a mistake in a configuration file or accidentally deploy to the wrong environment. Once configured, automated deployment means the process is set and will be the same with every release initiated. 

How Humanitec’s Automated Deployments can help your team 

Our new feature enables developers to define deployment rules that can be run based on triggers. Rules function so that if a new container image is built on branch x, deploy to environment y and are triggered on an event, for example, a new container image has been built by a CI pipeline.

A typical rule could be: If a new image is built from HEAD of the “dev” branch, update all instances of the container in the “dev-testing” environment.

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The specifics of the implementation

  • A user can add multiple rules to an environment.
  • A rule can be set for all images, selected images, or all images except specific images. This provides users with maximum flexibility when choosing what to deploy automatically and with what conditions.
  • A rule is set to update to the latest tag or branch and can match a regular expression defined by the user.
  • Users can have different deployment automation for each environment or reuse the same rules for all environments.
  • All automated deployments are tracked in the deployment version history. Users can also see in real-time when an automated deployment is running in any of the environments within their application.
  • Users maintain the option to deploy manually as needed. 

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