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Webinar - DevOps Best Practices with Humanitec

Duration: 45 minutes
Your host: Chris Stephenson, VP Product & Engineering

The webinar will give you an overview of DevOps best practices and how to accomplish them by using Humanitec. You will learn how to optimize your current workflow based on some real-life examples.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Best practices in DevOps
  • Main concepts of Continuous Delivery
  • CI/CD toolchain setup
  • Application configuration management

After a 30 minutes talk by Chris Stephenson, there will be 15 minutes for Q&A.

If you already have questions about these topics, please let us know in advance during registration for this webinar.

Chris Stephenson

CTO at Humanitec


Chris is fascinated by the tackling of tough questions in cloud-native development. He headed the high-performance computing group at Lloyds of London, played several integral roles in building a number of tech-setups, at startups and acted as a product manager at Google working on an internal developer platform used across the company. At Humanitec Chris is responsible for all things technical. He holds a degree in Information and Computer Engineering from the University of Cambridge and also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 

Upcoming webinars

Previous webinars