Here at Humanitec we are focused on taking Continuous Delivery to the next level. A lot of teams are already using Humanitec to continuously deliver their Kubernetes-ready applications. These teams find our developer-focused user interface (UI) helps them increase their development velocity. It does this by removing much of the complexity involved with getting artefacts from a CI pipeline to running in a cluster. Developers can now easily spin up the tech they need and deploy to Kubernetes clusters hosted in the cloud all on their own.

But our Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service offering was missing one key element: an open API. Here at  Humanitec, we take an API first approach to designing our software. In fact we have a fully featured API that drives the current UI. We are excited to make this API available as a public Beta today!

How to make your developers self-serving with an Internal Developer Platform

Our API provides the same functionality teams have enjoyed through our UI - but now allows for more opportunities for automation and integration.

Using the Humanitec API developers can now independently:

  • Spin up and sunset (ephemeral) environments on demand
  • Automate deployments and easy rollback
  • See what is running where (e.g. which version of which services is running in which environment with which configuration)
  • Hook up new tech like DNS, databases and message queues

Check out our API documentation. There you will also find a get started section to get you up and running quickly.

At Humanitec we believe that developers should not have to choose between a great UI and a great API. We keep developing and improving our cutting edge UI ensuring feature parity with the API going forward. We are publishing the API as Beta to get feedback from the developer community. We would love to hear what you think about it in terms of  ease-of-use and documentation quality.

Why don't you try it yourself? Register for a free trial and deploy your first app with Humanitec in 10 minutes or join one of our webinars with Humanitec’s DevOps experts.