These are rough times for all of us. Like most of you, we have all been working from home for almost three weeks now. We did plan to move towards a remote-first company at some point in time but not that quickly.

Despite the disruption from the changed working mode, we managed to push out a very important release:

Humanitec now easily integrates into any existing CI pipelines to provide Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes!

This release is based on hundreds of user tests we ran over the last couple of months to really understand how developer teams envision continuous delivery on Kubernetes.

What’s in it for you?

Managing deployments and environments in Kubernetes can take a lot of time and effort. The new version of Humanitec significantly simplifies these tasks. Our product does all the heavy lifting so that you can spin up dev environments on-demand and automate deployments to your Kubernetes setup with just two clicks.

All of this functionality is available today through our beautiful developer-centric UI. In the coming weeks, we will also release our open API so that you can access all the functionality without using our UI. 

Who is it for?

In the end, we at Humanitec are striving to make developers’ lives easier. We want to allow development teams to focus on creating user value instead of wasting time on configurations. Humanitec helps development teams adopt DevOps best practices by allowing everyone to manage day-to-day tasks without getting lost in the complexity of Kubernetes.

We at Humanitec believe you should be using best-of-breed tooling and we do not aim to reinvent the wheel. Instead, Humanitec supports everybody in a state-of-the-art developer team: 

  • DevOps practitioners who want to empower dev teams to take more ownership, be more independent and have more autonomy.
  • Software developers who are tired of waiting until other people fix broken deployments on development environments.
  • Engineering leads that feel the pain of slowing dev processes, releases that never land on time and operational complexity of maintaining integrations and workflows.

With the new release, Humanitec easily integrates into your existing setup without locking you into specific solutions. We exist to make your life easier when working with the latest cloud technologies.

Start within 10 minutes or less

You can start using the Humanitec Platform within 10 minutes. Our free trial gives you full functionality to make it easy for you to test our product in your specific setup. If you have not done so yet, register for a free trial with your Github or Google account and create a new organization. After the registration, you can directly invite your teammates to share your development environments and collaborate on deployments.
Now you are ready to create your first app and deploy it.

To create an application, you need to let Humanitec know where to find the container images you want to deploy. You can do this by adding a step to your existing CI pipeline that is building the image. You can do this in 3 simple steps:: 

  • Using a supplied API token, you can fetch credentials for your own private Humanitec container image registry.
  • Use these credentials to push your image to the registry.
  • Send a notification to Humanitec with additional metadata about what you have pushed!

We have code snippets for Bitbucket Pipelines and GitHub Actions right in the UI so you can get started even quicker!

Once you connect your CI pipelines to Humanitec, you can start creating and configuring your first application and run your first deployment.

Deploy from any CI pipeline to different environments on Kubernetes

You have three options to deploy using the Humanitec Platform:

Option 1: Deploy to our demo cluster
By default, we provide a demo cluster that you can use to test Humanitec. This is the easiest way to get started. To keep resource usage under control, deployed applications are automatically cleared after 1 hour, but you can always re-deploy them. 

Option 2: Deploy to your GKE or EKS cluster
Contact us to connect your own new or existing GKE or EKS cluster to Humanitec and deploy to it.

Option 3: Deploy to a managed cluster
Contact us and we will set up individual clusters for you so that you don’t have to take care of any configuration or maintenance. We will charge the publicly listed cluster costs to you at the end of each month.

Test it now that you have the time - for free

We are living in tough times that challenge our daily routines but also give us time to reflect on current workflows that we are often uncomfortable with. So why not use the time to test our Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service solution and experience how easy it can be to spin up new dev environments on-demand in seconds and deploy your containerized app with only one click?

Humanitec's DevOps experts are happy to answer your questions during a free webinar!