A self-service layer for your infrastructure. No more ticket ops.

I&O teams enforce clear config standards and infra templates across all teams and workflows. Developer requests are handled by the platform, tickets are gone.
Reduction in Tickets


drop in ticket ops and requests



reduction in config files



within hybrid setups

Enforce infra configs globally

Orchestrate  infrastracture at scale


react  👉 act

Get rid of  fire fighting request from developers. Set standard for how resources are configured by context and provide them to developers for self-service. Orchestrate and update resources at scale in a fleet. Focus on the stuff that matters.

Orchestrator + resource definitions

Orchestrate infrastructure at scale

All resources e.g. a Postgres DB used in an environment of the same type e.g. staging should be configured the same. Using resource definitions in combination with the Platform Orchestrator enforces this. If the resource definition changes, all databases managed by this definition get automatically updated.


See infra orchestration in action

See why infrastructure teams at Convera love their platform build with Humanitec

Before building their IDP with Humanitec, infrastructure and operations teams at Convera where spending most of their time responding to repetitive requests from developers.

Now developers can self-serve the resource they need autonomously, following best practice templates by default.

Infrastructure teams focus on setting clear standards. Resources are automatically kept secure and updated.

Humanitec allowed us to streamline our operations without compromising on quality or security.

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